We, at Regent Restaurant, are deeply devoted to our roots and take great pride in bringing forth our passion for food and service to the residents of the City of Joy, Kolkata. Who does not love food? And that which is very well served in an adorned platter! Food is all about meat and veggies with lots of spices and appetizers.

On 5 October 2005 three friends, Mr Braja Kundu, Mr Madan Gopal Saha and Mr Susanta Sarkar together opened Regent as a small restaurant. Their zeal to bring friends and family closer, with their
delectable food made their venture profitable. Having successfully served for few years they also started serving excellent variety of world class wine, exquisite liquor and beer.

Regent is a state-of-the-art 10,000 Sq ft (approx.) facility, located on B.T. Road, Kamarhati, has both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. It is designed to provide safe and healthy food. It is a nice and comfortable place for family and friends to relax and have a great time together. With just a bite people can make out the care and love with which food is prepared and served to its customers. The mission is to create joy through service. In order to do that you need to care. It is because of our courteous staff and their warmth, surrounding the scrumptious food that has earned us the close, long-lasting relationships we enjoy with our customers.

The menu offered at Regent is unique in its own way. We have a assorted spread with competent chefs of wide-ranging cuisines, be it Chinese, North Indian and Mughlai. Everything is served fresh and luscious hence our loyalists highly recommend and keep coming back to us! The garden set-up, the accommodating staff and some of the yummiest Chicken Tandoor and Fish Kebab makes Regent a go-to place for one and all.

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